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Knowledge Of (Chapter B) • Знание о (Глава В)

Internet Project: video, text, static images • The Quickest Via pavilion, The Wrong biennale, World Wide Web, 2017. Curator: Susana G Romanos. View project online

“Let’s establish connections that are generally assumed not possible and show them.

The Pythagorean theorem only works on two-dimensional surfaces; mathematicians refer to such surfaces as Euclidean geometry (named for Euclid, the 3rd-century B.C. Greek mathematician). The theorem fails for non-Euclidean geometries, such as spheres and more complex geometries like saddles. Indeed, all the rules learned in school, like parallel lines staying parallel, only refer to Euclidean geometry. In the non-Euclidean universe, parallel lines may actually diverge or converge. According to this the shape of space and time might bend. Thus, Projects have been judged on the groundbreaking nature of their idea and its potential for realisation.” — Susana G. Romanos

Random ABC Grid / Произвольная сетка АВС

ABC letters, machine-based shuffle algorithm, ink operator (Marius Jopen), skin, 18 minutes process (30 seconds for each letter), camera operator Lucas Gutierrez.Timestamp: 15:00, Saturday, 26th August, 2017. Aperto Raum gallery, Berlin, Germany.




Knowledge Of / Berlin, 2017

Mixed–media: video, canvas, old book, book display copy. With Lucas Gutierrez. Aperto Raum, Berlin, 2017

An exhibition & dialogue exploring the term “knowledge” and the manner in which self-studies are structured within contemporary artistic approach.

The structure of the show is based on the use of three mediums for each artist: an evolving time-based medium (a video); a flat and static medium (a towel and a canvas); and a 3D–object (a sculpture and a book) as a method to combine all existing information on the given subject at once.

The visual form of the show is presented in abstract and schematic graphics. Lucas Gutierrez’s work is rooted in the process of experiment, which leads to finding unique aesthetic structures inside the synthetic and digital. Protey Temen’s approach in response to Lucas’ starts with a literal scratch on paper and expands to endless variations of the schematic formulas, dissolving a text–based knowledge into symbolical representation.


Head Schemes

High quality watercolor paper (pre-printed) 200 g/m², gel ink, india ink, 30×40 cm, 2017.

Body Schemes

High quality watercolor paper (pre-printed) 200 g/m², gel ink, india ink, 30×40 cm, 2017.