Un Sedicesimo

Un Sedicesimo • Text by: Edizioni Corraini Aug 2008 

He is mostly interested in various graphic directions such as design and contemporary art. Through his own understanding and way of work, he doesn’t try to divide these non-crossed aspects. His most favorite projects come from symbiosis of tasks and feelings, from the search for the beauty of the models and structure of everyday life, from advertisements to the life-hacks and popular social self-improvement questions

Seventeen centimetres width for twentyfour height. But it’s not a traditional magazine, it hasn’t got an editorial office nor a subject nor a fixed design. Each issue has a different author, whose job is to create a sixteen-pages-long project. Un Sedicesimo will be a magazine different at each time, from the headline to the colophon. It will become a sort of gallery on paper, which proposes a new personal exhibition every two months, six times a year.