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Everything is Gonna Be Fine / Welcome Page

April 13, 7pm—10pm
a one-night pop-up show
by Protey Temen
415 Molino St. #3, Los Angeles,
CA 90013 @ Social Club
Creative space

1 — big bang explosion, 2 — a consciousness appears, 3 — particles float in space, 4 — matter develops, 5 — time goes by, 6 — knowledge emerges, 7 — brain gets memory overflow, 8 — a book is created, 9 — libraries expansion, 10 — electricity is discovered, 11 — the world become less physical, 12 — internet connects sources, 13 — people sharing daily experiences, 14 — social networks spread out, 15 — information gets vague, 16 — symbolic encryption enhanced, 17 — blockchain becomes a digital DNA, 18 — first virtual species appear

Author is a mixed media artist
working with drawings, videos,
books and installations.

Artist creates abstract visuals
to explore and visualize
the intersections between
science and random visual
data utilising the poetry
of everyday life processes.

Exhibitions geography includes
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin,
Copenhagen, London, Moscow,
New York, Paris, Rotterdam,
Seoul, Sofia, Sydney,
São Paulo and Venice


Ira Ivanova

Japanese translation
May Yamaura

This exhibition is kindly
by artist’s
local community:

Oxana Bondarenko
Natalia Bryantseva
Kirill Bulatsev
Dima Dewinn
Dima Evgrafov

Ika Gagua
Vadim Gershman
Dmitry Jakovlev
Dima Kavka
Anna Kulachek
Alena Lebedeva
Evgeny Mandelshtam
Andrey Manirko
Philipp Petrenko
Egor Piskunov 
Sergey Poydo
Oleg Stavitsky

Dmitri Ustinov
Julia Yousma
Alexander Zhuravlev
Instagram: @proteytemen