Knowledge Of (Chapter B) • Знание о (Глава В)

Internet Project: video, text, static images • The Quickest Via pavilion, The Wrong biennale, World Wide Web, 2017. Curator: Susana G Romanos. View project online

“Let’s establish connections that are generally assumed not possible and show them.

The Pythagorean theorem only works on two-dimensional surfaces; mathematicians refer to such surfaces as Euclidean geometry (named for Euclid, the 3rd-century B.C. Greek mathematician). The theorem fails for non-Euclidean geometries, such as spheres and more complex geometries like saddles. Indeed, all the rules learned in school, like parallel lines staying parallel, only refer to Euclidean geometry. In the non-Euclidean universe, parallel lines may actually diverge or converge. According to this the shape of space and time might bend. Thus, Projects have been judged on the groundbreaking nature of their idea and its potential for realisation.” — Susana G. Romanos